Mobile Solutions

Why should you have a mobile web presence?

If you are wondering if everybody you know has a smartphone these days, the answer is, "Yes, they do." And they are looking for your business on their mobile device. The are expecting to interact with your business just like how they are currently on their desktop or their laptop.

Nielsen (, a leading provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, indicates that smartphones were used by 50.4% of U.S. consumers, and the Android OS made up 48.5% of the 50.4%.

By 2014, the internet, as you now know it, will be predominately a mobile-web. 

Is your business geared for this unstoppable change?

Your customer's mobile experience can range from your mobile optimized website to a mobile application that resides on your customer's iOS device or Android device.

Yoodle has the necessary experience and expertise to help with both of these mobile models.

Mobile Website Design and Development

Mashable refers to 2013 as the year of the responsive web design. Tablet sales are expected to exceed 100 million this year.  Combine this with smartphones and you can see easily that a majority of your audience will be interacting with you online through non-standard sized browsers. So you need a mobile strategy. We can help. 

So how about mobile application development?

We can develop specifications for your mobile app or work with you and your existing specifications to execute. We utilize a combination of in house developers and our partner develoers to develop applications across all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and HTML5.

So what is better? Websites or Apps?

For those of us who create websites and services, all this leads to a singular conclusion: A million screens have bloomed, and we need to build for all of them.

Building apps may seem like the obvious solution. There's no doubt that having mobile apps for the major platforms is better than having no apps at all, and yet how do you build for every app store?
We could certainly build apps to reach a good number of those platforms, but probably not all of them.

Therefore, a combination strategy is probably the best approach.