e-Commerce Solutions

e-Commerce has moved on to the next generation. It's not a mere website where consumers can buy a product or a service. They expect more than that from your e-Commerce website. They expect the inventory on the site to reflect the real-time inventory in your warehouse. They also want to make sure that the warehouse acknowledges their order and ships it the same day. In order to have a well oiled e-Commerce machine, you will need the necessary software and connections to work well.

Implementing an effective e-Commerce system allows for a company to save on time, resources and headaches. e-Commerce reduces your processing costs and shortens the order cycle by automating manual processes.

Product reviews, ratings, forums and peer-to-peer product support is now an integral part of any e-Commerce solution. e-Commerce business can only survive and grow in a high-trust environment with its consumer base, thereby making security the most important aspect of any online store.

At Yoodle, we can help you build a secure e-commerce solution that fits your budget and business needs.
Here are some of the e-Commerce development services we provide.

  • Cutting edge e-Commerce website with a built-in content management system.
  • e-Commerce solution with product ratings, reviews, forums and product knowledge base.
  • Integration with leading ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, QuickBooks and more.
  • Integration with inventory and account management systems.
  • Integration with online payment systems like Paypal, Authorize.net, VeriSign.

Nodus Technologies

eStore Solution Stack - E-commerce with real-time integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP

We are a Certified Implementation partner and value-added reseller of Nodus Technologies. With online commerce growing at a rapid pace, streamlined business processes, automated order processing and integration with your ERP is a must. Understanding the value of process automation, Nodus has developed the eStore Solution Stack, a fully featured e-Commerce webstore, electronic payment processing engine, and powerful integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Nodus Technologies' eStore Solution Stack is designed with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), the latest web services technologies. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to provide flexible solutions that can be easily integrated and re-used with multiple business software applications. SOA allows eStore Solution Stack to provide real time information; facilitates information exchange with business partners, and makes it readily adaptable to your changing business needs.
Having implemented and customized Nodus multiple storefronts for our clients in a variety of different verticals, we feel very confident that we can provide you with the right e-Commerce infrastructure for your needs.

Yoodle e-Commerce

Yoodle Solution - e-Commerce with real-time integration with QuickBooks

Yoodle has created a unique e-Commerce solution by associating the two best-of-the breed solutions, Kentico CMS and Atandra T-hub. This Yoodle solution provides real-time integration of the store with QuickBooks. 

Kentico CMS comes with a feature rich and fully functional e-Commerce solution. The solution is highly flexible so that it can be used for a wide variety of stores. 

Atandra T-HUB is a multi-channel order manager solution designed to integrate an e-Commerce store with QuickBooks and shipping services (UPS/FedEx/USPS). 

The following diagram illustrates Yoodle's custom e-Commerce solution for Kentico CMS.

Yoodle has the expertise and the experience to deliver the right E-Commerce solution to meet your needs.